Flygbild över ett somrigt Karlstad med Karlstad CCC i centrum.

Karlstad – an appreciated meeting place

Karlstad today is shaped by experiences, events and meetings. Enjoying a strategic location midway between Stockholm, Gothenburg and Oslo and good transport links by bus, train and plane, Karlstad is perfect for both smaller gatherings and large-scale conferences, events and concerts. With “Sola” as a symbol of the city, the hospitality of Karlstad residents and a wealth of ultramodern facilities, Karlstad is one of the country’s most valued meeting places.

Accommodation close at hand

Karlstad offers hotels and other accommodation options to suit everyone, whatever your taste or budget. The city has around 1,300 hotel rooms and almost 3,000 beds. The vast majority of the hotels are within comfortable walking distance of the train and bus station, the city centre and Karlstad CCC.

Karlstad is the gateway to experiences

Culture is part of everyday life in Värmland and Karlstad. Thanks to a dynamic narrative tradition and a strong sense of creativity there is much to discover and experience here – both large and small scale.

Wermland Opera offers world-class opera and musicals. Värmlands Museum surprises with exciting and unique exhibitions. Alsters Herrgård (Alster Manor) showcases the roots of poet Gustaf Fröding. And Lars Lerin’s Sandgrund is home to one of the Nordic region’s foremost watercolour artists. These attractions, together with exciting small galleries, theatres and handicraft shops, ensure the city lives up to its heritage from figures such as Gustaf Fröding, Nils Ferlin and Selma Lagerlöf.

A wealth of other major cultural treasures and magical culture await discovery in our Värmland landscape – all within one hour’s travel of Karlstad. All year round. These include Mårbacka, home of Selma Lagerlöf, Sliperiet (art gallery) in Borgvik, Glaskogen nature reserve, Ransäterstämman (annual folk music event), Kristinehamns art museum, Rottneros park, Västanå Theatre, Rackstad Museum and Klässbols Linneväveri. To this list can be added all of Värmland’s farm shops, studios and galleries. And Karlstad is the gateway to these experiences.