Kockar på restaurang Karl IX som lägger upp mat

The food – an important part of the meeting

Karl IX restaurant

Our banqueting hall takes its name from Karl IX, Karlstad’s founder, and has seating for up to 1,200 diners. With an area of 1,190m2 and a ceiling height of 4.7 metres, it offers copious possibilities for a variety of events. A flexible yet cosy (despite its size) restaurant that we can adapt to suit the number of guests and the nature of the meeting. It has an existing sound system for speeches, and it is possible to install stage lighting and other technology using cables at three points in the room.

Our restaurant is also Nordic Swan Ecolabelled.

Food concept

Naturally we borrow from and are inspired by global cuisine. Our aim is to offer dining experiences with a focus on health and the environment and at the same time discover new flavours, combinations and experiences right here – and around the corner.

If the weather is suitable, we can perhaps arrange a barbecue buffet on our large terrace alongside the Klarälven river or a dining experience taking in the views from the fifth floor. We can also offer integral catering services in connection with any event. We are open to suggestions and also happy to provide our own.

Good food for all occasions


For us, meals are an integral part of any meeting or event – not just a break from the action. Therefore we work actively to generate conversation and interaction. We can offer options such as serving lunch as a seated buffet, which in addition to creating a feeling of community around the tables makes serving quicker and easier.


Take the concert experience to another level. Why not enjoy some delicious refreshments before or after the concert or in the interval? We offer various arrangements in connection with public events. When booking tickets for your event, remember to also book your dining experience.


Karlstad CCC offers catering services that tend to feature locally-produced dishes typical of the Värmland area.

We can arrange anything from delivered meals to full-service arrangements including staff. We are also one of just a few players in Värmland with experience of catering for large groups.


We have function rooms and dining rooms for all types of events, to accommodate from 50 to 1,500 people. Our rooms offer a fantastic view of the Klarälven river, and when the weather permits we have access to our 700m2 waterside terrace.

We can help you to plan your dining experience and create an overall impression, whether you prefer a barbecue evening, beach party, casino evening, gala banquet or lounge party. Whatever your choice we can offer overall solutions – from concept to implementation.


Karlstad CCC has a number of rooms that are ideal for weddings. Our Karl IX restaurant offers a fantastic view of the Klarälven river, and when the weather permits we have access to our 700m2 waterside terrace right outside. The fifth floor with our SkyLounge is another popular venue for banquets and weddings. It offers wide-ranging views over Karlstad and the Klarälven river flowing majestically alongside. A third alternative is our congress hall, which can be rearranged to provide a convivial and inviting setting with a touch of pomp and splendour.