Sola congress hall

1620 Biosittning ​ ​ 292 Främre parkett ​ ​ 694 Övre parkett ​ ​ 340 1:a balkong ​ ​ 294 2:a balkong ​ ​

Eva Lisa “Sola” Holtz (1739-1818) worked for many years as a local waitress and quickly became known as “Sola i Karlstad” (The Sun in Karlstad), thanks to her sunny and service-minded personality. In time she was able to buy the inn where she worked and became a respected lady in the town. Her hospitality is still renowned to this day, and her story is widely known even beyond the boundaries of Värmland. Our congress hall is a fantastic venue for holding everything from opera concerts and theatrical performances to conferences.

An audience of up to 1,620 people can experience and share in what you want to offer. The hall has a wide range of uses for organising creative and unusual events. It is located on floor three with entrances via floors three, four and five. The hearing loop in the large congress hall covers the upper and lower stalls, but not the balconies.

Adjacent to the Sola congress hall are conference rooms and large public areas for mingling, exhibitions or workshops. We have seven bars adjacent to the congress hall, which can be used for refreshments.

Backstage are a green room, five dressing rooms and two large changing rooms – all equipped with screens to see what is happening on stage.


Writing tablets on all seats. Moveable seats in the front stalls that can be removed to create a different seating plan. It is also possible to create aisles in the upper stalls by removing seats. A smaller room can be created by subdividing the space using fabric partitions.


For technical specifications, please download our PDF below.

Beskrivning (PDF) Kontakta oss Jag vill ha ett kostnadsförslag