Monica Zetterlund

31 m2 ​ ​ 20 Skolsittning ​ ​ 36 Biosittning ​ ​

(1937-2005) Zetterlund was known for her characteristic voice as a jazz-singer and was also an actress. She was noted for, among other things, her skill in giving lyrics and music a personal tone, phrasing and presence. She collaborated with a number of other artists, ranging from Hasse & Tage to Louis Armstrong.

  • Projector – Data/video projector (Mitsubishi FD630U, ceiling installation)
  • Projector screen – Motorised, recessed in ceiling, 210 x 118 cm
  • Connection, stage – sockets: 1 x VGA, 1 x 3.5 mm mini audio jack
  • Whiteboard, flipchart, pads and pens.
Beskrivning (PDF) Kontakta oss Jag vill ha ett kostnadsförslag