Datum 2022-05-01 Tid 18:00

Albert and the peasant woman Giselle love each other, but Albert has a fiancee;  the girl finds out about this and dies of grief, after which she becomes a vilisa.  Albert comes at night to the grave of his beloved and is surrounded by vilises, he is threatened with death, but Giselle protects him from the wrath of her friends and he manages to escape.  For the mistakes made, the price turns out to be unbearable – repentance absorbs Albert.

Through the entire history of the ballet, the image of the vilis – deceived dead brides – runs through.  It is betrayal that turns them from ordinary girls into mystical Wilis, who are ready to avenge themselves.  Artists of the Ukrainian ballet will express on the stage all the readiness of Ukrainian people to stand up for themselves, survive in the struggle and defend their ideals.

The performance is held as part of the Solidarity Tour to support the ballet troupe Kyiv Grand Ballet with the participation of leading artists of the Ukrainian ballet.

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